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What can I get with ClermontRocks Winning Web Ads?

One Full Year of Advertising on which
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One Full Year of Advertising with Additional videos and
digital pictures - includes Logo, Digital Photos,
Updates...starting at $450/year

Besides Exposure in Major Directories & 

What can I expect from a ClermontRocks 
Internet Commerical?

Of all the online users, 52% WATCH VIDEOS! 

An internet commerical with ClermontRocks allows
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Make your business stand out!  Would you like to be a featured
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Alicia Weber is a Business Consultant known by her clients as the
one who gets them results through her innovative, winning ways!
She is a self-published author/illustrator, magazine owner, and entrepreneur.
She focused on Multimedia and Communication at Duquesne University
and went on to get her degree in Telecommunication and Film Studies from
University of Florida in 2002. Public Speaking, illustrating, and writing have
won her many awards and promotions and she uses those specialty skills to
create advertising and marketing materials on the web to drive traffic to sites
and get Ad customers noticied.

The following are some of her achievements:
1. Web Writing front-page headlines for in 2001
and helping to keep their # 1 ranking in the Southeast
2. Marketing and public speaking to gain clients for a variety
of companies including AIG in 2003 and She's Fit in 2007,
3. Receiving most views on an International Fitness website, which
landed her on fitness informericals in 2006
4. Providing on-air personality on radio shows
(in Florida and Pennsylvania), where she helped keep them #1 ranked in their local markets.


Alicia Weber, Contact 352-874-4363

           Alicia Weber


Blanche Scharf is an Advertising and Marketing Consultant with
over 30 years of experience. She owned her own marketing firm
in New York for 16 years and worked with top companies. She
created advertising campaigns and raised funds for non profits.
Now, in Central Florida she works with Village Navigator,
a top-notch advertising and web-marketing firm.
With the many marketing/advertising options Blanche has for
customers, she is known for her honesty and ability in guiding
customers to success with their best interest in mind.
She sets up $profit centers$ for health practicioners & business owners.
Some groups she is involved in working with are the following:
Raw Food Movement
Oxidative Medicine
Ayurvedic Community  
Microbiotic Community

Blanche's philosophy is summed in '3 Criteria': 
She is the owner of 3Criteria, LLC.


      Blanche Scharf
Contact:  352-243-5521


Ken Schulte is a premiere web-based business consultant
and a talented and educated online entrepreneur.  He has
been successful in all corners of web-based business. If YOU
need direction in eCommerce, Internet Marketing,
Internet Commercial Production, Advanced SEO, and
'Anything Else Web' just give Ken a call. He manages the
top-notch web-marketing firm, Village Navigator at

With an impressive portfolio, years of experience,
combined with dedication to customer service and
staying up on the latest web trends,
Ken is an expert in optimizing websites! 


Ken Schulte