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Alicia Weber
World Record List

 Alicia Weber set and re-set many endurance pull-up and chin-up world records from 2008-2011 AND a total of 60 world records (See List of Alicia's World Records from 2008-2011 in Alternative Book of Records) and NOW in 2012 she continues setting these records AND MANY MORE at Recordsetter.com - new home to world records and world's fastest growing world record book!

BELOW are a list of Alicia's Record Setter World Records - CLICK the links to see Official Results/Rules and Record Video and Record Progressions as Alicia not only breaks her own world records, but many of the men's world records also.  Below Record List in no particular order.


Most Full Rep Towel Pull-Ups

Most Half Rep Towel Pull-Ups

Most Pushup/Pullup Combos in 1 Minute

Most Around World Pull-Ups on 10-Inch Thick Bar with 10lbs Medicine Ball Between Legs

Most Pull-Ups on 10-Inch Thick Bar in 30-Minute 3 in 1 Challenge


Fastest Time to Complete 500 Chinups and 500 Pushups


In 2012, Alicia was Inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame and is the only female in the Pushup Hall of Fame.  In 2012, Alicia was selected to be one of 25 top performing athletes in special article revealing secrets on staying tough when going gets tough!

Most Consecutive One Arm Pushups on Knuckles on Concrete

Most Consecutive Flying Superman Pushups

Most Consecutive Knuckle Pushups on Concrete

Most One Armed Hindu Pushups on Basketball

Most Consecutive One Arm Pushups with Egg in Spoon in Mouth while Holding 10lbs Medicine on Back

Most Consecutive 2 Medicine Ball Tricep Pushups with Elevated Leg in 1 Minute

Most Pushups on 3 Medicine Balls (22cm diameter) in 1 Minute

Most Different Pushup Records Set in 12 hrs

Most Consecutive Perfect Pushups in 1hr Followed by Plank Poetry

Most Egg on Spoon in Mouth Pull-Ups Followed by Decline One Arm Pushups

Most Consecutive 3 Medicine Ball Pushups with an Elevated Leg in 1 Minute

Ab Exercises

Most Situps in 1 Minute

Most Situps in 5 Minutes

Most Knee Tucks

Longest Time to Support Body on Arms, While Extending Legs Horizontally

Most Nonstop Combinations of Leg Lifts and Straight Leg Holds

Isometric Exercises

Longest One-Armed Plank with Feet Placed 2 Feet Apart on Concrete

Jump Rope

Most Consecutive One-Legged Jumps in 30 seconds

Rope Climbing

Fastest to Climb Arms Only in L-Position (12ft)

Fastest to Climb Arms Only in L-Position with 10lbs Ankle Weights (12ft)

Highest Nonstop Climb Arms Only in 1 Minute

Physical Fitness Challenges

Most Leaping Mountain Climbers in 5 Minutes

Fastest Time to Complete 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge

Most One-Armed Leaping Mountain Climbers in 5 Minutes


Most Swiss Ball Squats in One Minute

Most Deep Squats in 3 Minutes


Most Consecutive Dips in 1 Minute

Most Consecutive Dips in 5 Minutes


Alicia Weber is Only Woman Inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame.  Here's Alicia's Pushup Hall of Fame Interview:


 Alicia is an elite athlete in 15 sports and added her 16th sport in 2011, which was Beach Running where Alicia won the World Championship in the 10K Beach Run. Click here for Alicia's complete list of her competitions and results.  In addition to setting records and competing, Alicia is a Fitness Expert and Strength Feat Performer.


Alicia Holds World Record for Most Sports Competed in At Elite Level with One World Championship Victory!  Additionally, Alicia holds World Record for Most Sports Competed in at Elite Level in One Year.

Alicia's Elite Athlete Career Highlights (covering 16 sports with over 80 Career Victories and over 20 years on the circuit)

2 x World Champion in 10K Beach Running (2011-2012)
*Only Athlete to Win 2 Yrs In A Row AND Set Course Record Both Years 

2 X Silver Medalist Lightweight Women 500m Indoor Rowing Southeast US Championship (2010 & 2012)

2 x Gold Medalist 500m Sprint Kayak at Florida State Games (2007 & 2009)

40th Woman in World at Xterra Mtn. Running World Championships - considered world's toughest half-marathon (2009)

14th in US out of men and women in USMS 1 Mile Open Water Championships (2009)

9th Pro Triathlete in Nation in ITU Sprint Nationals for U-30 (2008)

Runner-Up in Largest Trail Half-Marathon Championship in Southeast US (2007)

1st Pro in IDC Duathlon Championships (2007)

North American Fitness Champion for Nova Fitness Championship (2004)  *Won Overall out of Men and Women and set 5 National Fitness Records

Won Ultimate Athlete of Florida in 10 Event Championship (2001)

Runner-Up Elite Triathlete in CFT Sprint Triathlon Series Championship (2001) 

SEC Quad Champion in Indoor 5k Track Championship Race (2001)

Represented US in ITU World Championships for Olympic Distance Triathlon (2000)

2 x All American in 10,000m run (1997- 1998)
*Only female high school runner to earn these titles in 10k, while in high school

Record Setting Runner in 10k Road Race and Trail Half-Marathon (1997)

2nd in Nation in Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships (1996)

National Champion in 3k Run for USA Track and Field (1996)

For a complete listing of Alicia's competitions and results CLICK HERE!